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About Serenity Hearing

Unlike the larger hearing clinic chains that are owned by manufacturers, we are independently owned and operated. We are not restrained by franchise rules or quotas. The pricing for hearing devices are regulated by the government in Ontario. We have built our business on superior client satisfaction.

Serenity Hearing Centres have won numerous awards including: Best Hearing Centre, Favourite Hearing Centre and most recently the Consumers Choice Award.

Our clinics are committed to providing you with the best quality of care for your hearing healthcare needs.

Why Choose to Get Audiology Services?

Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions a hearing impaired person can make. By taking good care of your hearing, you are taking good care of your overall health. In Ontario, if you need hearing aids, you need a prescription for them. Audiologists and Physicians are the only health professionals that are allowed to prescribe hearing aids to a hearing impaired person. Proper hearing aid recommendation and fitting is highly dependent on the judgment, skill and education of the professional selecting the instrument.

At Serenity Hearing Centres, our experienced providers will test your hearing, select and dispense the hearing instrument best suited to meet your needs. We also provide support, counseling and servicing of the hearing systems. We are concerned about our clients and will recommend hearing solutions to fit your lifestyle and personal needs.

At Serenity Hearing Centres, we provide a comprehensive array of services related to evaluation, rehabilitation and prevention of hearing impairment. These services include comprehensive hearing evaluations, specialized diagnostic testing, and industrial hearing screenings. We offer a wide array of advanced digital products and assistive listening devices to fit our clients individual needs. Come to one of our seven clinics in southwestern Ontario.

Privacy Policy

Serenity Hearing Centres is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes a need for the appropriate management and protection of any personal information that you agree to provide to us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request.

Proud to Announce

2015 - 2016 Consumers Choice Award:

Business Excellence -Hearing Services

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2015 - 2016 Hamilton Community News Readers Choice:

Business Excellence -Hearing Services

2015 - 2016 Kitchener Post Readers Choice:

Business Excellence -Hearing Services

2015 - 2016 Waterloo Chronicle Readers Choice:

Excellent Hearing Centre

2015 - 2016 Cambridge Times Readers Choice:

Excellent Hearing Centre: Hearing Services

2015 2016 Cambridge Times Readers Choice:

Excellent Hearing Professional

Doctor's Information

If we can help your patients with any services that we provide, simply call or fax us a referral and we will schedule an appointment. Once the testing is complete, we will send you a copy of your patients test results.