Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Hearing loss that is caused by loud noise is called noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). It can happen over a long period of time, or from one really loud noise. For example, listening to very loud music over a long period of time can contribute to hearing loss, or by standing close to a loud blast of sound, such as a nearby firecracker or a gunshot. We offer wide variety of hearing protection devices and products.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Custom Earplugs for Maximum Protection.

Noise Protection:
Custom Noise Plugs are available with several different options upon request including: style, handles, strings, clips, swirls and sparkles. Noise Plugs can be used for sleeping as well as recreational purposes (ie. motorcycle riding, hunting etc.)

We now offer “Same Day” custom swim molds. They can last upto 2 years and come in a variety of fun colours.

Musician Plugs:
There are different styles available, which allow good noise protection while allowing speech clarity. Musician plugs may be easily cleaned after the filter is removed. Simply wash molds in warm water using mild soap, then allow to air dry.

NOISE. How to Protect Your Hearing from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Sound is measured in decibels, or dB, and the higher the decibel number, the louder the sound is. Some sound can reach very high decibel levels that can be dangerous for your hearing. Listening to sounds of 85 dB or louder for a long period of time will eventually harm your hearing, and listening to sounds of 130 dB or higher can cause instant, permanent hearing loss.

Noise Levels (in dB) of Common Sounds

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Did You Know?

• Listening to explosive sounds of 130dB or higher, such as firecrackers, can cause instant, permanent hearing loss!

• A personal audio device at full volume can reach 105dB. If you listen to very loud music everyday, you can lose your hearing over time.

Every Day You are Experiencing Noise

In your home, products like refrigerators, dishwashers, and clocks make noise. Outside, there are lawn mowers and power tools amongst other sounds. You can’t avoid all the sounds in your environment, but there are ways to protect your hearing.

To lower the noise level around you:

Turn down the volume on your television, radio, and alarm clock.

Wear hearing protection, such as earplugs, when using loud equipment like lawnmowers.

Buy quieter products – you can look for the dB level on the packaging.

Limit the number of noisy appliances running at the same time


Some activities can be dangerously loud for your hearing. Hunting, riding a motorcycle, or attending a concert can reach dangerous noise levels. Limiting your exposure to these activities and wearing ear protection can help. Not all ear plugs are created equal; ask us about our custom ear plugs for maximum protection.


Too much noise at work can cause short-term hearing loss that will usually go away after a few minutes or hours, but long-term exposure can lead to permanent hearing loss. Wearing ear protection at work is very important. jobs at risk for high noise levels include: firefighters, police officers, factory workers, farmers, construction workers, military personnel and musicians.

Wearing hearing protection is very important!