Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Expectations

Technology in hearing aids has advanced tremendously in the last couple of decades. However, even the most advanced hearing aid will not give you back perfect hearing. Properly fitted hearing aids will allow you to hear soft sounds better while keeping loud sounds appropriately loud and not uncomfortably loud. You may find that some sounds will be different from what you were used to. With continued use you will adjust to the hearing aid and to the new sounds that it is providing for you.

At Serenity Hearing Centres our Audiologists prescribe hearing aids from all manufacturers. These hearing aid brands include: Oticon, Phonak, Widex, Siemens, Bernafon, Starkey, and Sonic Innovations.

Hearing Aid Services Hamilton
Hearing Aid Services Hamilton
Hearing Aid Services Hamilton
Hearing Aid Services Hamilton
Audiologic Care Hamilton
Audiologic Care Hamilton

In Ontario, you need a presciption to purchase hearing aids and only Physicians and Audiologists can legally prescribe hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Costs

The cost of hearing aids is regulated by the province of Ontario. The total cost will vary based on your level of hearing loss, the brand/model prescribed by your Audiologist, the level of technology you wish to acquire, and your eligibility for government funding. There are several programs in Ontario that offer financial assistance toward the purchase of hearing aids, such as the Assistive Devices Program (ADP), Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), and Workers Safety Insurance Bureau (WSIB).

Prices for hearing aids can vary widely, from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars after government assistance. We also have payment plans available! Professional fees, remote controls, and other hearing aid options may cost extra.* If cost is an issue, good instruments are still available at reasonable prices. talk to one of our clinicians about your needs and expectations.

Call us today to find out how Serenity Hearing Centres can help find affordable hearing solutions to fit your lifestyle and your budget!

*Details in clinic. Some restrictions may apply.

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Hearing Aid Styles

There are many categories of style in hearing instruments. The following instruments are daily wear hearing devices, which are often removed when exercising, sleeping, or showering. These devices require batteries that need to be replaced, or recharged approximately every 4-10 days, and repaired as needed. New devices can be purchased every few years, and there are numerous brands available.

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Invisible in Canal (IIC)
Developed relatively recently, these tiny devices are placed deep in the ear canal and are chosen primarily for cosmetic reasons. Candidacy is determined by appropriate clinicial evaluation. This style of hearing aid is suitable for both first time hearing aid users, and experienced hearing aid users. It is used for mild to moderate hearing loss and offers a highly discreet hearing solution. Since this style of hearing aid sits deep inside the ear canal, it is not visible to you, or to others.

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Completely in the Canal (CIC)
This style of hearing aid is custom made and is highly undetectable. It sits inside the ear canal with only the removal handle of the device showing outside the ear canal. It is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

In the Canal (ITC)
This style of hearing aid is custom-made to fit almost completely inside your ear canal, resulting in a discreet hearing solution. It is suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss. A benefit for users of the ITC is that even though the device is small, it still provides room for additional options that might not fit on a CIC. This model is available with a rechargeable option.

In the Ear (ITE)
This style of hearing aid are custom-made to fit comfortable and securely based on an impression of your ear. These hearing aids are very useful for those with dexterity problems as they are very easy to place in the ear. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, this style fills the concha of the ear, and provides lot’s of space for extra hearing aid options. This model is available with a rechargeable option.

Receiver in the Ear (RITE)
This style of hearing aid is cosmetically more discreet than traditional behind the ear styles. The RITE is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss and is a very discreet, and yet powerful device. This model is available with a rechargeable option.

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Behind the Ear (BTE)
This style of hearing aid was developed many years ago. It is primarily used in the young pediatric population, and for those with severe to profound hearing losses. However, they are still a popular device for many hearing aid users as they are very durable. These devices typically have the longest life span of any hearing aid device and they have the least problems with retention issues (i.e. staying securely in the ear).

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Extended Wear Hearing Devices: Lyric

Lyric is 100% invisible and worn 24/7 for months at a time*. It can be worn while exercising, sleeping, showering, and talking on the phone. No batteries need to be replaced, and no device repairs are required.

*Lyric may be worn until it ceases to function or for a maximum of 120 days.

Online hearing testing near me
Online hearing testing near me


Hearing aids also come with a wide variety of accessories.  We will  be happy to discuss all of these options with you during your visit